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CannaVersary Marks Thailand’s Year of Legal Cannabis with Four Twenty

December 6, 2023

June 9, 2022, marked a pivotal moment in Thailand’s history, as the country took a bold step by legalizing cannabis. This significant move was celebrated by Four Twenty, through an event named CannaVersary: Thailand’s Cannabis Revolution. The event was hosted at the scenic High Garden Rooftop, Sukhumvit 21, offering a perfect venue for cannabis enthusiasts and business pioneers to network and participate in a range of cannabis-centric activities​​.

Industry Insights: The NOW & NEXT Talk

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A highlight of the CannaVersary was the NOW & NEXT Industry Talk, organized by HighEQ. Esteemed panellists like Alex Haze from Green House Thailand, Tai Taveepanichpan representing Four Twenty, Carl of Cannabox, Korn from Phuket High, and Bryant Chou from High EQ led the discussion. They explored the Thai cannabis industry’s current landscape and its future direction, focusing on new business opportunities and challenges for cultivators. The conversation encompassed a variety of perspectives on expected developments and future goals​​.

Diverse Views: The Panel Discussion

The panel discussion was a thought-provoking segment. Korn from Phuket High reminisced about the positive atmosphere from a year prior, while Tai of Four Twenty discussed his ongoing efforts in supplying equipment and consultancy to various enterprises. Carl from Cannabox talked about his company’s growth, success, and the hurdles posed by vague regulations. He also critiqued the Boston model of cannabis regulation, proposing it might be unsuitable, and expressed concerns that medical cannabis could be mislabeled as fraudulent. The Thai government’s consideration of different regulatory scenarios was noted, which could lead to stricter licensing processes favouring larger corporations and investors​​.

Regulatory Comparisons and Farmer Perspectives

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The panellists compared different international approaches, praising Switzerland’s harm reduction strategy. In Thailand, new regulations allow individuals to possess a limited amount of cannabis and cultivate up to 12 plants per household. Stringent regulations are also applied to dispensaries near educational institutions. While the conversation was generally optimistic, some farmers voiced dissatisfaction with their recent earnings. Despite this, the growth in medical and recreational cannabis-related tourism was recognized as a positive trend for the future​​.

Engaging Workshops and Creative Exploration

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CannaVersary also featured several engaging workshops that showcased the creative aspects of cannabis culture. Attendees enjoyed refreshing coconut drinks in the sweltering heat, which were then innovatively turned into eco-friendly coconut bongs. Additionally, a resin tray workshop allowed participants to express their artistic skills by creating customized trays with various shapes and colours, redefining the stereotypical imagery associated with cannabis​​.

Celebratory Activities: Competitions and Entertainment

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The event’s celebratory atmosphere was bolstered by a smoking competition, where participants competed in different skill categories. The competition, along with the vibrant music from DJs playing genres like reggae, dub, house, and disco, and live performances, added a festive vibe to the event. The availability of diverse and delicious food options further enhanced the experience​​.

The Impact of CannaVersary: Fostering Community and Growth

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CannaVersary proved to be a significant event in promoting cannabis culture in Thailand. It brought together prominent figures from the cannabis world, facilitating knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration. The event also highlighted the potential of local cannabis brands and the importance of supporting these businesses to nurture the Thai cannabis community. It laid the groundwork for future events, hoping to establish an annual tradition that celebrates progress and motivates local industries​​.

Four Twenty’s Vision for Cannabis Culture in Thailand

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Four Twenty is committed to advancing cannabis culture in Thailand. Our plans include hosting educational workshops, creating a dedicated media channel with guest speakers, and launching community-building initiatives to cover various aspects of the cannabis world. These efforts aim to foster unity and understanding, driving positive change. As Thailand continues to explore the diverse applications of cannabis, from medical to economic, the significance of regulation and responsible consumption remains paramount. The dedication shown at the CannaVersary event signals a bright future for Thailand’s cannabis industry, with anticipation for further advancements in the coming years

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